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WARNING! Domain name Registry Scam!

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Writing this, I have a fire burning inside of me. Domain Registry of Canada, ever heard of them? If you haven't you will sooner or later, maybe under a different name. These are scam artist working with margins beyond this universe. With very legit looking packaging(similar to an official government letter, ) they are trying to trick you to pay hundreds of dollars for the transfer and renewal of your domain name. Not many people understand domain name registration and these scammers are exploiting this ignorance.

Well, now I want to be a voice to put this to stop, this scam has been around for the past decade under different names but the principle remains the same. They are using the whois domain name database to find your business, which is available publically to anyone. The rest of the information is quite easy to be found. DROC then comes along sending a legal looking document offering to transfer your domain name over to the DROC for 100$. Once the end of the year arrives you'll still have to pay your renewal to your actual host.

The only money leaving your pocket should be going for your annual hosting of your domain name, TO THE PROVIDER DIRECTLY.  If you receive a document asking you transfer or renew your domain contact your hosting provider, or preferably contact us since I am at a personally on a vigilante war against these scammers.

BEWARE: This is how the letter looks like. If you get this shred it then burn it to ashes.
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