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KamNic and CloudFlare Join Forces KamNic is happy to announce a new partnership with CloudFlare. All KamNic clients can now benefit from the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a Certified Partner, we will be providing a simple and free solution to help protect and propel your website. Your website on KamNic's CloudFlare community will load twice as fast and is protected from a vast range of online threats.
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Web Design and Development Agency vs. X

The title I've chosen for this post might not be as accurate as it seems, but there is no better way to grasp one's attention (laying my cards on the table). The real question posed in the article is; why utilize web design and development agency? I would do my utmost best to write this with no bias.

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WARNING! Domain name Registry Scam!

Writing this, I have a fire burning inside of me. Domain Registry of Canada, ever heard of them? If you haven't you will sooner or later, maybe under a different name. These are scam artist working with margins beyond this universe. With very legit looking packaging(similar to an official government letter, ) they are trying to trick you to pay hundreds of dollars for the transfer and renewal of your domain name. Not many people understand domain name registration and these scammers are exploiting this ignorance.

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Web Design and Web Development: The Story of Terrible Blog Titles

I think it's fitting to write about this as my first post. As a creative writing aficionado, I thought getting hired as a blogger for a web design and development company was a great gig. Not that I'm complaining, but it is far off my expectations. Blogging is less about self-expression (as it may seem like I'm doing so right now) and more about search engine optimization aka. SEO. Those three letters are all you have to think about when writing a blog. I'm going to leave out the steps behind blog content writing for another post, and talk more about their titles. Yes, it makes a massive difference especially if your blog isn't quite that popular yet.

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